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Double Dutch

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Kali Mist

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White Russian Serious Seeds

White Russian

Serious Seeds was started by Simon who studied biology in Amsterdam University before going on to become a world class cannabis geneticist.

In his quest to produce marijuana super breeds he has collected cannabis varieties throughout the world and crossing them with top hybrids being developed back home in Amsterdam.

His talent and expertise became well know and the famous and long established seed bank, Sensi Seeds, recruited Simon to come work for them, which he did for a number of years before establishing his own specialist seeds bank named Serious Seeds.

Serious Seeds quickly established a name for itself winning Cannabis Cup awards for their well known super strains AK47, Chronic.

The strains soon achieved high demand in the Amsterdam coffee-shop circuit. Breeds such as Kali Mist and White Russian achieved wide recognition and praise winning even more prestigious awards for Serious Seeds.

Unlike many other cannabis seeds banks, Serious Seeds have not continued to interbreed species after species creating an ever growing and bewildering array of strains. They have preferred to maintain and perfect a select group of cannabis seed strains that are guaranteed to please even the most exacting cannabis connoisseur.

People who use and grow marijuana from cannabis seeds produced by Serious Seeds know that they are getting top quality strains that last the test of time and not getting led down the road of lesser quality fads.