AK47 feminised

ak47 feminised seeds seriousAK47 is a popular marijuana strain that is well known for its large harvests on high THC content smoke. It is also know for its strength and predictability when grown.

Despite is Sativa origins, AK47 doesn’t turn into a plant of monster proportions. Growing to a height of around 130 cm., it remains dense, bushy and becomes heavy with buds as it matures.

The buds are thick and extremely resiny like a premium Indica strain but the effects when smoked are a energetic and happy Sativa-like high.

AK47 is a premium hybrid that was created by the fusing of the potent and pure strains of Afghan of the Hindu Kush region, Haze, a world famous Sativa originating in Jamaica, and a sparkle of the exotic Thai Tanic.

Delivering over 500 grams of high THC content (18%+) plant on average, AK47 is best known for its smooth hash-like aroma both when growing and in dried form.

Possibly one of the fastest growing and maturing strain available today, AK47 its large sticky with resin colas can be harvested within 8 short weeks after germination. Very popular among professional growers and the impatient (like me ;-)).

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