Exile cannabis seeds

exile cannabis seeds serious indoor strainExile is an Indica-dominant strain with genetics sourced from the super strains of White Widow, Northern Lights and Warlock.

In indoor or greenhouse strain, Exile stays short and bushy during the vegetative stage of growth but grows large and compact with a minimum of leaves during the flowering phase.

The flowering phase lasts for 9 to 10 weeks during which the buds swell and thicken when reaching maturity.

This heavy yielding strain is the winner if numerous awards including the Highlife Cup in 2005, 1st place La Bella Flor in 2003, and 1st place Fumaria Cup in 2005.

The taste when dried has a pleasant fruity taste and the effect when smoked is a potent deeply relaxing stone.

A relatively easy strain to grow, Exile delivers a bountiful return with minimum effort.

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