Exile feminised

Exile cannabis seeds

exile feminised serious cannabis seedsThe Indica-dominant Exile cannabis strain was developed from the famous strains of Northern Lights, White Widow and Warlock.

A strain developed for growing indoor (or in a greenhouse) Exile remains low down but bushy developing thick, dense buds with few leaves during its flowering cycle (which makes for easy trimming and drying).

After 9 to 10 weeks of flowering the large buds are ready for harvest with minimal trimming.

This heavy yielding strain (up to 500 grams per cubic metre of growing space) was the winner of a number of prestigious awards such as achieving 1st place Fumaria Cup in 200as well as the Highlife Cup the same year.

A sweet fruity fruity taste, Exile is known for its potent, long lasting and deeply relaxing stone – the perfect chill-out weed :).

A very forgiving strain, Exile feminised seeds make a good choice for new growers (and old hands) who want to assured of a decent harvest.

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