Serious Simplicity

serious seedsWhat’s really great about the Serious Seeds selection is its simplicity.

You don’t have to wade through dozens, if not hundreds of various strains, all produced by endless cross breeding between a few basic strains such as Super Skunk, White Widow, Master Kush, etc.

Serious Seeds makes available only 5 strains – they are all different depending on what you are seeking but they all deliver the goods – huge dependable harvests of some of the best smoking weed available anywhere.

If you can’t find what your looking for from the Serious Seeds collection then chances are you’re not seeking a super marijuana strain but something else.

Serious Seeds cannabis strains are for first-time growers (because they are predictable and of sturdy stock) as well as long time experienced cash croppers who have the capacity to produce some massive harvests of marijuana that is of high demand quality.

Serious Seeds are also very popular among cultivators of medical grade marijuana given the purity and high THC content of the strains.

If you want to grow something that no body has every heard of and may turn out to be a disappointing failure then don’t bother with Serious Seeds.

Serious Seeds are fro serious marijuana cultivators 🙂

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ak47 serious seeds


Bubblegum serious seeds


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kali mist serious seeds

Kali Mist

White Russian Serious Seeds

White Russian