warlock serious seeds cannabisWarlock is an Indica-dominant hybrid with its genetic roots from Skunk #1 and Afghani.

An indoor or greenhouse breed, this hybrid combines the best of Sativa and Indica cannabis characteristics.

During the vegetative stage it stays short and bushy but then springs forth during the flowering stage developing large dense buds throughout with few leaves.

This makes Warlock buds a pleasure to trim before or after drying.

The buds turn a pinkish / brownish hue as they approach maturity giving a fresh fruity smell that is pleasant and uplifting.

Likewise, the effect when smoked is more cerebral and high than the the sedative-like body buzz experienced with pure Indicas. THC content 15% t0 18%.

Warlock placed third for the High Times Cup due to these outstanding qualities.

The flowering cycle only lasts for a moderate 8 to 9 weeks producing 400+ grams each female plant.

Sold in Amsterdam coffeeshops, Warlock weed fetches £8 to £10 a gram.

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