Double Dutch

double dutch cannabis seeds seriousDouble Dutch is an amazing strain developed from cross-breeding Chronic with Warlock.

A potent hybrid, Double Dutch displays fast study grow with thick stems in its initial vegetative period displaying its Indica influence.

When it reaches the flowering period Double Dutch develops huge elongated Sativa-like buds that cover much of the stem and branches. As these buds grow and thicken the branches will often requires extra support given the increasing weight.

A heavy yielder, Double Dutch delivers over 600+ grams of tasty bud per square metre of grow space after a flowering cycle that lasts 8 to 9 weeks.

Given the short flowering cycle, Double Dutch can be grown outdoors although it is usually grown indoors or in a greenhouse.

The dried buds impart a “pleasant, fruity, wild-flower” taste. The effect strong, long lasting and balanced effect providing an inspiring high along with a smooth body buzz.

THC levels are in the 15% to 18% range makes this a very potent weed without rendering one comatose ;).

Due to its excellent all around qualities Double Dutch remains a very popular strain among professional growers and has one numerous awards and recognition including 1st place ICMag Growers Cup and 2nd place ICMag Breeders Cup.

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