White Russian feminised

white russian feminised serious seedsWhite Russian put Serious Seeds on the map to international fame. Winner of countless awards and and respect from the highest levels of cannabis cultivation, White Russian stands on the shoulders of the giants that helped produced this super strain.

The parentage of this legendary strain are none other than the famous – White Widow and AK47.

White Russian delivers massive sticky buds dripping in resin and with an aroma to send you to heaven.

The buzz when smoked is uplifting give you inspiration and energy to accomplish great things. They say Rome wasn’t built in a day – which means they weren’t smoking White Russian at the time ;-).

The White Russian is virtually guaranteed to please as its know produce great yields even under stressful environments. You just can’t keep a good strain down! This Serious Seeds top dog marijuana strain will deliver over 500 grams of killer bud per plant.

Best of all, you don’t have to wait forever to harvest. White Russian is one of the fastest growing and producing marijuana stains in the world – harvest can be completed within 8 to 9 short weeks from the first sprout.

They said it couldn’t be done? Serious Seeds White Russian has done it.

Why would anyone want to risk growing anything else?

Grow White Russian indoors, outdoors or in greenhouses. Either way you are going to be happy :).

White Russian seeds are available in regular and feminized forms. For fresh cannabis seeds, fast discrete delivery, at discount prices, click the button below:

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Also available: White Russian regular cannabis seeds


Disclaimer: It is legal to buy, sell, give, receive and possess White Russian feminised Serious seeds and other cannabis seeds in most countries. It is however illegal to grow, harvest or sell cannabis in many countries. All references to cannabis growth and harvesting are for information and entertainment purposes only. We do not endorse illegal activities. We provide information on and access to White Russian feminised Serious Seeds cannabis seeds as a legitimate law abiding service.