Why Serious Seeds are serious cannabis seeds!

serious seedsSerious Seeds was started by a Dutchman who was involved in biology in Amsterdam University before going on to practice cannabis breeding.

With his quest to develop cannabis super strains, cannabis strains throughout the globe were collected and interbred them with super varieties available in Holland.

His talent and knowledge came to light and the well known and well established marijuana seed bank, asked the man behind Serious Seeds to join the team. A few years later he left to develop the specialist marijuana seeds bank which he called Serious Seeds.

Serious Seeds quickly developed a name for itself winning Cannabis Cup awards for their well known super strains AK47 and Chronic.

The strains quickly achieved increasing interest in the Dutch coffeshop culture. Varieties such as Kali Mist and White Russian were practically worshiped winning very highly regarded trophies for Serious Seeds.

In distinction to many marijuana seedbanks, Serious Seeds do not create hundreds of varieties producing an ever growing and bewildering number of varieties. They maintain and perfect a handful of of cannabis genotypes that are guaranteed to please serious marijuana connoisseurs.

Cultivators who sow and harvest marijuana from seeds bred by Serious Seeds know that they’re using high quality varieties that last the test of time and not being drawn down the road of lesser quality fads.